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KTCS 9 Documentary

There are a lot of great resources scattered across the web, but one particularly interesting one, is a great documentary shot with local scientists and divers around Seattle titled: Searching for the Mystery Sharks of Seattle

Seattle Aquarium Papers

The Seattle Aquarium has done research on Sixgill sharks. These are three papers that they have published with open access.

Sixgill Conservation Genetics 2010

Sixgill Abundence 2014

Sixgill Bite Kinematics 2016

Save Our Seas Foundation

This is a short video of Sixgill sharks off Honduras, and it includes some information about the species.

Into the Abyss

Facts: The Bluntnose Sixgill

Some good video while the voice-over gives you good shark facts! The video page also has quite a few links to other sites with information:

NOAA Sanctuaries

A short video from NOAA Sanctuaries about the Bluntnose Sixgill shark. It has video from the Nautilus expedition

Six Gill Sharks on Wikipedia

The Wikipedia article on Bluntnose Sixgill Sharks is somewhat short, but also has some good links to information.

The Forgotten History of Sixgills in Seattle

A short story from KOMO TV about Sixgill Sharks brief history in an aquarium in Seattle

Ocean Vet - Sixgill Shark

A TV documentary about rescuing a sixgill shark from a fishing line in Bermuda. They take some DNA and put a tracker on the shark.