Six Gill Sharks

A place to talk about, and report six gill shark sightings in the Pacific Northwest

Let's learn more about Six Gill Sharks together...

Where are these majestic creatures most often spotted? How many of them are there?

Do we see the same ones over and over? Do they stay in the same location? Do they come back year after year?

Help us all learn by sharing your sighting info, with as many details as you can.

Linking to photos and videos helps ID specific sharks

Check out the Meet the Sharks page for pics and videos of specific animals we've tried to ID.

Nice Six Gill Shark video from 2015, Thanks to Laura James for sharing it with the world

Recent long encounter at Redondo, Des Moines, WA

Here's a collection of a few six gill shark sighting videos from Redondo, Des Moines, WA in the last few years....